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Location: Berry Hill, Tenn.
Size: 1,288 sq. ft.
Complete: November 2021
Owner: Up Pediatric Dentistry

Up Pediatric Dentistry

For every medical office buildout, an experienced designer must evaluate your space to achieve the optimum functionality for your practice. The final design must ensure benefits are maximized for not only your patients but your staff as well.

Up Pediatric Dentistry, based in Berry Hill, Tenn., consulted with our design team early on during the planning stages to develop a successful concept that transformed a distressed residential site into a delightful space targeted at engaging pediatric patients and their families.

The new location is perfect for presenting children and their parents with an overall positive dentistry experience. A spacious waiting area and colorful kid’s zone welcomes visitors into the open reception area. Our efficient design layout also gave way for five operatory rooms to be incorporated in the facility, exceeding the owner’s original request.

Work entailed a full selective demolition package of the interior, a small addition, and upgrades to exterior façade. The interior received all new finishes including individual operatory doors that afforded additional privacy and sound control to patients.